A rent estimate of my apartment or my house in a few minutes.

More information on our rent estimate


Our online rent estimate tool is based on the Market Approach and evaluates the potential rent of your property based on (i) its estimated value and (ii) its estimated yield.

The estimated value of your property is derived from our valuation tool based on the characteristics and location of the property (which methodology is more fully described in the notes of our valuation tool).

The estimated yield is derived from the latest rent data published by the Luxembourg Housing Observatory (Observatoire de l’Habitat) and our observation of the market resulting from our brokerage activity. We estimate the yield of your property based on three characteristics:

  1. the distance to Luxembourg-City
  2. its surface area
  3. the number of bedrooms

Our model aggregates sigmoid functions based on the three above characteristics to determine the rental yield of the property which is finally applied to its estimated value to obtain the rent estimate.

Our rent estimate is based on data that are specific to Luxembourg and on analyses conducted by our expert team.