Welcome to Dommeldange/Weimerskirch

Dommeldange and Weimerskirch offer a village feel next to Kirchberg high-rise business district. The neigbourhood offers diverse housing options from very authentical townhouses to upscale new condos and is mainly inhabited by foreigners. The coolest will love going for Apéro or having dinner at Brigitte

Neighbourhood tags

/ Village Feel / Cosy / Pretty / Expatriates / Proximity to Kirchberg / Small Parish / Calm / Green Spaces / Church / Residential / Charming / Authentic / Chinese Embassy /


  • 2 crèches
  • 2 primary schools
  • 1 secondary schools

What to expect

A well balanced residential neighbourhood, easily accessible from Kirchberg

The lifestyle

A quiet and sereine area with increasing dining options

The market

Village-style townhouses with modern and luxurious new appartments blocks popping-up

Nearby neighborhoods: Beggen, Eich, Pfaffenthal, Kirchberg
Bus lines
Airport 7 min
Station 13 min
City Hall 6 min
Kirchberg 5 min