Welcome to Gare/Hollerich

Centrally located, the Neighbourhood has very diverse facets from the bustling and lively rue de Hollerich to the quiet and sereine Merl Park area. If you look for endless and alternative clubbing, the Gare area has a lot to offer but the neigbourhood is also a great place if you want to live in an active district in the heart of Luxembourg commuting!

Neighbourhood tags

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  • 5 crèches
  • 5 primary schools
  • 7 secondary schools

What to expect

A very lively area with very different inner parts within the Neighbourhood

The lifestyle

A bustling and active district at days and nights with clock-round options for food and entertainment

The market

Haussmann style buildings and nicely renovated townhouses in the upper part. Mid-level blocks in the southern part.

Nearby neighborhoods: Ville-Haute, Belair, Merl, Cessange, Gasperich, Bonnevoie, Grund
Bus lines
Airport 13 min
Station 3 min
City Hall 6 min
Kirchberg 10 min